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Burkacup 2009 - Ovals Speedway Lycksele

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The first event in this year's Burkacup was a speedway event held at the horseracing track in Lycksele. People were clearly inspired by the inaugural event last year (despite the weather), this year there were 125 entries! The Burkacup is a series of competitions for veteran snowmobiles (1985 or older, divided into different categories) and this year the events will take place all over Västerbotten, not just in Lycksele. After 40 or so heats and finals, I ended up with over 600 pics! Managed to get that down to a more manageable 105 for the homepage and the pics are not in chronological order, due to the original numbers, hence the varied lighting.

** Update ** : After getting some requests for more pics from the Modified category, I have made a little subfolder with 15 extra pics. Click here to open the first one, then browse through. WARNING - not very good quality pics ...

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