Active Content

You must allow, cookies, Javascript and pop-up windows for this website, in order for it to work properly. If you get any warnings about active content, for example Active-X or scripts, it is safe to allow this. If you choose not to allow active content, you won't see any of the pictures as they are opened in popup windows ... The easiest thing to do is add my homepage as an exception, so you don't have to alter your existing settings, or Click OK every time the browser warns you about something on my website. For Internet Explorer (I have IE 8, there might be some small differences with other versions), the procedure is as follows :
Go to Tools --> Internet Settings --> Privacy
Click on Settings under the heading Block Popup Windows
In the dialog box that comes up, type in "" (without the quotation marks) and click Add

The following is a full list of the features which your browser might initally not like, together with a description of what they do :

Regarding email addresses : If you write an entry in the feedback form, you can choose to include your email address. I'm the only one who will see it and I do not plan to give it out to anyone else .. it shouldn't get picked up by robots but if you want to be sure, write "at sign" or something like that, instead of the real symbol. I'll be able to replace it if I should need to write to you but a robot will see it as an invalid address.